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Folding Voice began with Dr. E. Percil Stanford’s desire to deliver a core set of aging services and advice using powerful design thinking and communication tools. More>>

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Being design savvy minority-aging specialists expands Folding Voice’s scope and reach. Solution creation and communication processes and tools intensifies and accelerates our work. More>>


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Dr. E. Percil Stanford’s decades-long dedication to gerontology and minority aging lead him to co-create Folding Voice. email hidden; JavaScript is required More>>

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Photo Dawan Stanford, JD, PhD

Dawan Stanford, JD, PhD co-created Folding Voice to blend design thinking, visual communication, and other problem solving methods into a unique gerontological consulting approach. email hidden; JavaScript is required More>>

Folding Voice has developed and maintains a network of subject-matter experts who allow us to build scalable service-delivery teams tailored to our clients’ needs. By building a scalable organization, Folding Voice maintains the capacity to implement large scale programs and solutions.

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