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Folding Voice began with Dr. E. Percil Stanford’s desire to deliver a core set of aging services and advice using powerful design thinking and communication tools.

The work of minority aging, or any gerontological project, requires mastering three interrelated areas: aging and lifespan, diversity and inclusion, and workforce and leadership. Discussions with Dr. Dawan Stanford revealed perspectives particularly suited to design thinking. A design thinking process focused on seeing, solving, and acting allows for rapid, lasting, and effective results clients demand. This blend of diverse ideas, methods, and experiences is reflected in our name.

A Folding Voice, as a leader, is someone who connects voices and ideas, folds in those who are absent or silenced, and is conscious of the difference between speaking for and speaking with. Using a Folding Voice, in action and thought, means blending ideas, resources, and voices collaboratively and fluidly; it means making sure all the necessary voices are present and that voices are given to those absent.

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