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Being design savvy minority-aging specialists expands Folding Voice’s scope and reach. Solution creation and communication processes and tools intensifies and accelerates our work.

Working with the cultural, political, economic, generational, and other complexities involved in minority aging requires a thorough understanding of aging and lifespan, diversity and inclusion, and leadership and workforce. These three core subjects define the reality of any gerontological challenge. Folding Voice works with non-profits, businesses, governments, and individuals in delivering solutions that, in the course of achieving the stated goals, improve their fundamental thinking and abilities.

To the core subjects, Folding Voice adds a collection of tested design methodologies and internally developed communication and collaboration techniques. Problem analysis, curated conversations, collaborative problem solving, iteration and prototyping, and feedback structuring are part of everything we do. Good design creates stronger short- and long-term results that are built to survive and evolve.

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