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Folding Voice LLC creates strategic solutions. We provide strategic advice and planning, interim officers, leadership development, and simple but powerful ways of seeing, solving and acting on challenges in aging & lifespan, diversity & inclusion, and leadership & workforce. The recommendations, plans, services, programs, or decisions we develop with our clients are strategic: focused on closing gaps between present and desired reality in ways that accomplish short-term needs and long-term goals. Chaos is the new calm. We build flexible and robust solutions to address this reality.

Businesses, organizations, institutions, and governmental entities are facing rapidly developing aging, diversity, and workforce challenges and opportunities. Folding Voice combines in-depth, tested experience in these areas with analytical rigor, systems and design thinking, and communication methods. Via this process, our clients receive strategic, intergenerational, and developmental work that creates transformative results.

Comprehensive Consulting

Aging & Lifespan, Diversity & Inclusion, and Workforce & Leadership are Folding Voice’s core subject areas. Strategic thinking and design thinking inform our methods. More>>

Design & Experience

Folding Voice combines a gerontologist’s knowledge with a designer’s solution-oriented mind and a strategist’s pragmatism. More>>

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