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Comprehensive Consulting

Aging & Lifespan, Diversity & Inclusion, and Leadership & Workforce are Folding Voice’s core subject areas. Strategic thinking and design thinking inform our methods.

Because aging is more than life after 50, we focus on aging and lifespan. Because everyone ages, it is impossible to discuss aging without understanding minority aging, diversity and inclusion. Because aging happens in the real world, how people exist in the workforce and how leadership is developed and transmitted across organizations are essential service areas. Together, aging and lifespan, diversity and inclusion, and workforce and leadership allow us to design complete, integrated solutions to our for-profit, non-profit, and policy clients.

Choosing Folding Voice

Folding Voice LLC creates strategic solutions. We provide strategic advice and planning, interim officers, leadership development, and simple but powerful ways of seeing, solving and acting on challenges in aging & lifespan, diversity & inclusion, and leadership & workforce. More>>

Design & Experience

Folding Voice combines a gerontologist’s knowledge with a designer’s solution-oriented mind and a strategist’s pragmatism. More>>

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