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Choosing Folding Voice

Folding Voice LLC is a gerontological consultancy with an expertise in minority aging and diversity. We provide strategic advice and planning, interim officers, leadership development, simple but powerful ways of seeing, solving and acting on challenges in aging & lifespan, diversity & inclusion, and leadership & workforce.

Businesses, organizations, institutions, and governmental entities are facing rapidly developing aging, diversity, and workforce challenges and opportunities. Folding Voice combines in-depth, tested experience in these areas with analytical, design thinking, and communication methods. Via this process, our clients receive strategic, intergenerational, and developmental work that creates transformative results.

Comprehensive Consulting

Aging & Lifespan, Diversity & Inclusion, and Leadership & Workforce are Folding Voice’s core subject areas.

Because aging is more than life after 50, we focus on aging and lifespan. Because everyone ages, it is impossible to discuss aging without understanding minority aging, diversity and inclusion. Because aging happens in the real world, how people exist in the workforce and how leadership is developed and transmitted across organizations are essential service areas. Together, aging and lifespan, diversity and inclusion, and workforce and leadership allow us to present complete, integrated solutions to our for-profit, non-profit, and policy clients.

Design & Experience

Folding Voice combines a gerontologist’s knowledge of the complex nexus of human lifespan issues with a designer’s solution-oriented mind and passion for efficient, effective results.

Folding Voice’s advice, strategic plans, workshops, and trainings are based on decades spent developing gerontological programs, policies, organizations and businesses. The conversations and collaboration that made these activities succeed has been distilled into solution design and communication methods. Design thinking combined with broad, in-depth gerontological experience generates lasting and effective results.

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